This goal series is given by Rock. It started on 23 July 2013 and expired on 06 August 2013.

Part 1

"Cucumbers are cool, everybody knows that. I'd say this weather could use some cool cucumbers!"
"Get your very own Cucumber Trellis and claim these Cucumbers as your own, ace!"

"I claim this Cucumber Trellis in the name of...well, you. I'm sure you'll figure out somethin' to cook up with these things."

Part 2

"This is a heck of a lot of sunshine - don't get burned, mate!"
"Get some Sunblock to take care of that sensitive skin of yours."

"No sunburns for you, ace! Hey, how's my tan? Does it match my hat yet?"

Part 3

"Maybe I don't always eat my greens, but I like a good crisp Cucumber as much as anyone!"
"Stock up on Cucumbers from the Trellis! Don't worry, I'll be here to eat the extras."

"I promised ya I wouldn't take any White Grapes. But I can't make the same promise with these Cucumbers, mate!"

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