Cooking Station in ChefVille are stations on which the player cooks recipes, using a combination of ingredients, both crafted and raw. In the early days of ChefVille, all cooking stations were available through earning Mastery Stars and completing goals. As the game developed, newer stations were released in conjunction with assorted events. While there are currently XX cooking stations available in the game, some stations that were part of a holiday-themed event are no longer obtainable.

Station Recipes Total Recipes Mastery Type Event
Basic Intermediate Expert
Station-Brick Oven Brick Oven 55515 Mastery
Station-Cake Oven Cake Oven 44311 Mastery20px
Station-Deep Fryer Deep Fryer 55 Mastery
Station-Greek Cooking Station Greek Cooking Station 5510 Mastery
Station-Grill Grill 65516 Mastery
Station-Hofbrau Skillet Hofbrau Skillet 55515 Mastery
Station-Omelette Station Omelette Station 4410 Mastery
Station-Salad Station Salad Station 6511 Mastery
Station-Skillet Skillet 5611 Mastery
Station-Soup Station Soup Station 5510 Mastery
Station-Sushi Master Station Sushi Master Station 66618 Mastery

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