Cooking Mexican Cuisine is a goal series in ChefVille given by Madeline upon reaching Mastery 250 Mastery Stars and completing The Familia Farm. There are four goals in this series.

Holy Guacamole!Edit

"The best sauces are those made with love...and avocados! A good guacamole will make regular tortilla chips into serious nachos, oui!"

"Ooo, what a lovely nacho dish you have created! Your guacamole has customers coming back for more! Go ahead, brag about it! Next we shall see how an upgraded grill can help our Mexican cuisine."

Spicy Salsa SessionEdit

"Make a brilliant salsa and gather chicken for the makings of a magnifique fajita! But you could not make a fajita without an Expert grill, non!"

"I always take time to stop and savor the salsa, and yours I shall savor many times over, oui! Enjoy this Mayan statue for Mexican cuisine inspiration!"

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