Start serving coffee and speed up your Chef!

The Coffee Bar is an expansion in ChefVille. It is located at Tile H-10 on the Game Board.


Unlocking the Coffee Bar requires only that the player have Mastery 9 Mastery Stars. However, players must first have gained access to the Poultry Bazaar, Mom 'n Pop Shop, Shaded Meadow, and Event Hall expansions in order to reach this area.


The Coffee Bar contains one Cooking Station, one Crafting Station, two harvestables, 20 decorations, one Table, one Counter, 30 Floor tiles, and five Mystery Crates.

Station-Milk Steamer Station-Coffee Bar Harvestable-Sugar Shelf Harvestable-Coffee Bush
Milk Steamer
Wrapped in a box
Coffee Bar
Wrapped in a box
Sugar Shelf
Wrapped in a box
Coffee Bush
Ready to use
Wall-Coffee Concrete Wall Wall-Coffee Glass Wall Decoration-Green Ivy
4 x Coffee Concrete Wall 6 x Coffee Glass Wall Green Ivy
Decoration-Coffee Shop Stairs Light-Silver Country Light Floor-Coffee Shop Wood Tile
3 x Coffee Shop Stairs 2 x Silver Country Light 30 x Coffee Shop Wood Tile
Decoration-Bush Trio Decoration-Light Bush Decoration-Cluster Stone
Bush Trio Light Bush Cluster Stone
Counter-Serving Lounge Counter Wrapped Table-Coffee Table Decoration-Coffee Sign
Serving Lounge Counter
Coffee Table Coffee Sign
Buildable-Mini Coffee Crate Wrapped Buildable-Small Coffee Crate Wrapped Buildable-Medium Coffee Crate Wrapped Buildable-Large Coffee Crate Wrapped Buildable-Extra Large Coffee Crate Wrapped
Mini Coffee Crate
Small Coffee Crate
Medium Coffee Crate
Large Coffee Crate
Extra Large Coffee Crate

Adjacent AreasEdit

NW:Ice Cream Parlor
NE:Unexplored Space
SE:The Bavarian Market
SW:Shaded Meadow

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