Hell chefville players, Here the complete list of chefville goal list. Hope you will get a lot of benefits from it. Quests: In the Beginning - Masteries 1+ Get the Beef*Expand to the Mom 'n Pop Shop area

Take a Deeper Look*Switch to Full Screen mode for a better view!
  • Click the ground and drag to look around the town!
Surface With a Smile*Have 2 Tables
  • Buy 2 Decorations for your restaurant
Super Speedy Service*Give 1 Chef's Service to customer tables
  • Earn 30 Coins
Pay a Culinary Visit*Visit Madeline's Restaurant
  • Do 5 actions at Madeline's Restaurant
  • Cook 1 Philly Cheesesteak on your Grill
The Town Foodie*Gather 2 Bread from the Bread Rack
  • Get 1 Mozzerella from the Cheese Rack
Family Style!*Place 1 Decor item
  • Have 1 Matery Star for Bruschetta
  • Have 4 Mastery Stars
Calcium Power*Expand to the Dairy Depot
  • Move the Flour Sack to a new spot
  • Place 2 decorations in the open spot
Inspired Italian (Standards of Italian Cuisine 1 of 5)*Have 1 Master Star to unlock Brick Oven
  • Have 1 Brick Oven
  • Cook 1 Bruschetta in the Brick Oven

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