The ChefVille Wiki is a wiki created for one of Zynga's most popular online games, ChefVille. The online game was released on Facebook on August 2012 and later released on on October 3, 2012.



The ChefVille Wiki was created on July 1, 2012 by the wiki's founder, Gaffmet. A month after the online game itself was announced at Zynga's June 2012 Unleashed event.

When the game was debuted on Facebook on August 2012 (and later on; the wiki gain little attention from the ChefVille players. Three weeks after the game was released, a user,Tycio came upon this wiki and help out by creating the Characters' articles along with uploading many images of the game's regular goals.

A day after Tycio joined, another user, Amanda113122 noticed the new wiki and decided to assist the two users by uploading (almost) every images of game's regular, event, and time-limits goals and created many of the game's time-limits and event goals' articles. About five more days later, StudyingDragon also joined the wiki and was the first user to create a template for the ingredients and uploaded most of the ingredients' images.


However, the wiki still attracted little attention until ChefVille started to release several events in Fall 2012. By then, many ChefVille players quickly noticed this wiki and decided to help out by contributing any missing info and images from higher level goals.
At the same time, the wiki founder, Gaffmet suddenly became inactive and left the active users (Tycio, Amanda113122, and StudyingDragon) to figured out how to keep ChefVille Wiki from being inactive and abandoned.

New leadership

On November 2012; a former FarmVille Wiki admin/mod, AlexSUCF joins in and help out on ChefVille Wiki. At the same time, AlexSUCF attempted to request for adminship from Gaffmet. A few weeks later and after Thanksgiving day, AlexSUCF decided to adopt this wiki.
One month later and with no response from Gaffmet; AlexSUCF was given admin and bureaucrat rights by a member of Wikia's community team (from the Wikia Community Central), Wendy. At the same time, his request for adopting this wiki was also granted.


A week after New Year's Day; Amanda113122 was promoted to admin and became the second admin of ChefVille Wiki.

On January 31, 2013; AlexSUCF temporary step down from his adminship and became inactive.

A month later, Amanda113122 became semi-active on ChefVille Wiki (due to personal issues in real life).

After two months of being inactive, AlexSUCF returns to ChefVille Wiki on March 16, 2013.