Crates in ChefVille are Harvestable items that are depleted every time the player harvests them. They yield between 1 and 3 Ingredients each time they are harvested.

The crates that have been available in the game include:

Harvestable-Balsamic Vinaigrette Stand 3
Balsamic Vinaigrette Stand
Harvestable-Basmati Rice Crate 3
Basmati Rice Crate
File:Harvestable-Beet Crate 3.png
Beet Crate
Harvestable-Black Bean Crate 3
Black Bean Crate
Harvestable-Black Cherry Crate 3
Black Cherry Crate
File:Harvestable-Brown Sugar Crate 3.png
Brown Sugar Crate
Harvestable-Chicken Crate 3
Chicken Crate
Harvestable-Corn Crate 3
Corn Crate
Harvestable-Cornmeal Crate 3
Cornmeal Crate
Harvestable-Egg Crate 3
Egg Crate
File:Harvestable-Ginger Crate 3.png
Ginger Crate
Harvestable-Gold Leaves Crate 3
Gold Leaves Crate
Harvestable-Irish Potato Crate 3
Irish Potato Crate
Harvestable-Kiwi Crate 3
Kiwi Crate
Harvestable-Macadamia Nut Crate 3
Macadamia Nut Crate
File:Harvestable-Red Bean Crate 3.png
Red Bean Crate
File:Harvestable-Saffron Bottle Crate 3.png
Saffron Bottle Crate
File:Harvestable-Salmon Crate 3.png
Salmon Crate
File:Harvestable-Sesame Seed Crate 3.png
Sesame Seed Crate
Harvestable-Shrimp Crate
Shrimp Crate
Harvestable-Spinach Crate 3
Spinach Crate
Harvestable-Squid Crate 3
Squid Crate
Harvestable-Strawberry Crate 3
Strawberry Crate
Harvestable-Trophy Mystery Crate 3
Trophy Mystery Crate
File:Harvestable-Trout Crate.png
Trout Crate
Harvestable-Turnip Crate 3
Turnip Crate

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