Butter Keeper
Harvestable-Butter Keeper
Image © Zynga
Number allowed:1
Ingredients:Ingredient-Sweet Butter Sweet Butter

The Butter Keeper is a harvestable item in ChefVille that was released on 31 July 2013. It can be purchased in the Marketplace for Coin XX coins and will be wrapped upon delivery.

After unwrapping it, the player must collect materials to complete the construction:

  • 5 x Material-Butter Cup Butter Cup (Post)
  • 4 x Material-Butter Brush Butter Brush (Ask)
  • 5 x Material-Butter Knife Butter Knife (Post)
  • 4 x Material-Wood Board Wood Board (Ask)

Once completed, the Butter Keeper rewards the player with one Sweet Butter every XX minutes.


Buildable-11 Wrapped Buildable-11 Open Harvestable-Butter Keeper 100px
Wrapped Unwrapped Ready to harvest Restocking

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