Butcher's Kiosk
Harvestable-Butcher's Kiosk
Image © Zynga
Number allowed:3
Ingredients:Ingredient-Chuck Beef Chuck Beef
Frequency:11 minutes 10 seconds

The Butcher's Kiosk is a harvestable item in ChefVille. It can be purchased from the Marketplace for Coin 5000 coins and will be wrapped upon delivery.

Unwrapping the Butcher's Kiosk takes 3 energy. The player must then staff it to complete the construction:

  • Block Washer
  • Chiller Tender
  • Knife Honer
  • Meat Inspector
  • Marbling Tester
  • Roast Wrapper
  • Hay Harvester

Once completed, the Butcher's Kiosk can be harvested for one Chuck Beef every 11 minutes 10 seconds.


Buildable-11 Wrapped Buildable-11 Open Harvestable-Butcher's Kiosk Harvestable-Butcher's Kiosk e
Wrapped Unwrapped Ready to harvest Restocking

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