Building Thyme is the first part of Thyme After Thyme goals.


  • Place Instant Thyme Stand
  • Build Instant Thyme Stand
  • Collect 1 time from the Instant Thyme Stand


  • 1 XP
  • 15 Coins
  • 3 +1 Energy Packs


  • Instant Thyme Stand was released earlier in the game, but due to unknown reasons or update; they were quickly removed awhile before the Chef Irvine event goals were released and not seen again until after the release of the Event Hall and its event goal, Event Hall-o-ween.
  • When this goal was released; if the player click or do anything related to Event Hall-o-ween. The glitch/issue from that event goal will effect this goal and will cause various of problems (varies to every players).

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