This goal series is given by Pike. It started on 07 August 2013 and expired on 15 August 2013.

Part 1

"I didn't survive shark wrestling for nothing - let's fry up some seafood before it turns on us."
"Sometimes I like to take the easy way out and fry my seafood. I think King Neptune would approve."

"I'm waitin' on some nice, hot, fried sea creatures. I can eat my weight in Calamari, you know."

Part 2

"Careful. Those Lobsters aren't pleased with their present situation. Better cage 'em!"
"Get some Lobster Cages before they get to pinchin'!"

"Now that we've got your Lobsters wrangled, you can think about how to cook those snappy crustaceans."

Part 3

"You don't want to serve up sub-standard Lobsters. Better make sure they measure up."
"Measure those Lobsters so you can cook up only the biggest and best! Your customers have some hearty appetites. And so do I."

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