This expansion is in the L-2 square, on the bottom of the Game Board.

It contains the Brunch Skillet (assembly needed), the Pastry Station (assembly needed), the Brunch Prep Station (assembly needed), as well as the Bed & Breakfast itself. Like the Cavendish Restaurant, this building is assembled / upgraded by completing a series of 7 goals (see below). The square also contains 6 items, listed below, that are rewards for completing the first 6 goals in the series, an Idaho Potato Basket and 4 Country Brunch Crates. These last five do not unlock as rewards. Instead they need Brunch Crate Tools to unlock. These are crafted using Brunch Crate Hammers (post to friends) and Brunch Crate Crow Bars (ask friends), or can be purchased for Cash.

Goal rewards 1 & 2: Small B&B Crate. (Contains XP, coins, and various raw ingredients needed.)
Goal reward 3: Idaho Potato Basket. (Provides Idaho Potatoes)
Goal rewards 4 & 5: Large B&B Crate.
Goal reward 6: Country Basket
Goal reward 7: Complete B&B along with a Basic Reward of 2 Salt, 2 One-Hour Thyme (?), 5 Energy and 5 unknown as is depicted by a box.

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