Image © Zynga
TypeCooking Station

The BBQ cook station is part of the Hot Spot expansion plot. To unlock the Hot Spot expansion requires 92 mastery stars, 40 recommendations and 8000 coins.


Basic recipes are available immediately after unlocking the Hot Spot expansion (that means its already made!). Intermediate and Expert recipes are not yet released. There are also Specialty recipes available.

Basic Intermediate Expert Specialty
Buttery Grilled Asparagus ?? ?? Texas Style Brisket on Texas Toast
Buffalo Wings ?? ?? Beef Shoulder with Lexington Dip Sauce
Tex Mex BBQ Steak Wrap ?? ?? Pulled Turkey BBQ Sandwich
Salmon Bruschetta ?? ?? Lemon Oregano Chicken
Pesto Salmon ?? ?? Spice Rubbed Smoked Tri Tip

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